Hi, I'm Yura

Designer, Web Developer and Marketer

D e s i g n e r
W e b
d e v e l o p e r
& M a r k e t e r
Marketing That Works, Websites That Convert

I started working in creative and design back in 2011. A few years later I started with web design and finally web development. At first, I worked as a part-time freelancer and it was more like a side hustle, but in 2016 I decided to turn my passion work into full-time work, started working as a freelancer full-time and, eventually, registered my own company. At the end of 2020, I provide consultations for companies on their web presence, work with web and graphic design, web development and digital marketing. I’m a certified partner for many industry-leading companies such as Google and Hubspot.

I think my journey as an entrepreneur and IT specialist started as a desire to not agree for less. At the beginning of 2010-s when I just made my first steps in design I spent a lot of time studying someone else’s works. Some of them were truly wonderful, some of them were not. But what I noticed, when it comes to the web, even most of the interesting, wishes and tasteful designs may be ruined by the performance of the site. When the web page loads over 10 seconds it doesn’t really matter what’s on it, ‘cos nobody will wait till it will open. The same is true for the opposite direction, people want to see the convincing and pleasant design, and it’s a part of their company’s credibility on the web, the same as an office building or a work suite in offline. So I realized that you can’t really qualify anything separately. Everything in the digital world is very interconnected: design, usability, performance, user experience, working with clients, advertising - these all are the pieces of the same puzzle, and without any of them the picture won’t be full. What’s the name on the box of the puzzle? It’s difficult to say, but from the currently available options, I’d say it’s marketing.


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